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Horse Nutrition

Horse Nutrition

Our horse feed formulations provide the nutrition high performance animals demand, using the finest of fresh, natural ingredients supporting better digestion, exceptional wellbeing and peak performance.

With Century Nutrition you can be confident you are feeding a fully balanced diet, perfectly tailored by our expert nutritionists to deliver all your horse's dietary needs.

Products are available in crumbles 5/32 pellets.

Check out our full range of horse feed products below.

The Winning EdgeColt FormulaClassic Formula
At 14% protein, this pelleted feed is for all classes of horses. Whether for brood mares, stallions, growing foals, pleasure or performance horses, this feed is designed to meet all their needs. Winning Edge has elevated levels of fats to provide safe energy levels your horse needs. The nutrients and minerals are carefully balanced to maximum feed efficiency and absorption.This specialized 16% crude protein pellet provides complete nutrition for your growing colt. Colt formula isformulated with higher levels of protein, energy, vitaminsand trace minerals. Highly digestible protein sources aim specially at the requirements of the growing foal. This pellet provides protein, energy, essential vitamins and minerals to maximize muscular and skeletal development without excessive weight gains.Primarily designed for the growing and mature pleasure horse, this 12% crude protein pellet is both palatable and versatile and can be feed to a wide range of horses. Classic Formula is formulated to the proper level of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to assure efficient utilization of nutrients, as well as good metabolic and immune functions.
Transition FormulaSenior FormulaBalancer
This 14% crude protein pellet can provide complete nutrition for the active stallion, developing yearling or the pregnant or lactating mare. Energy and protein levels coupled with readily available vitamins and trace minerals address critical fetal development in pregnant mares. For yearlings, this product would be an excellent follow up to our Colt pellet. Additionally, this would be an ideal diet for the active stallion.This 14% crude protein pellet is formulated for the mature horse. Ground oat flour, beet pulp with sweeteners assures palatability. The proper blend of energy, protein and minerals is supplemented by yeast, vitamins and trace minerals.This 32% crude protein supplement is for the horse owner that blends their own grain rations. It features natural ingredients and concentrated levels of trace minerals and vitamins as well.